In the heart of EUROPE


Throughout its history, Ljubljana (see the location of ESH in Google Maps) has been influenced by its geographic position at the crossroads of the Slavic world with the Germanic and Latin cultures.  


Now Ljubljana is the political, scientific and cultural center of the Slovenian nation and with more than 280,000 inhabitants largest city in Slovenia and its most important economic center.

Author of the article "Europe's Most Idyllic Places To Live" Edward Beckett and Parmy Olson, who are looking for the places that would be more appealing to Americans, which I would like to migrate to Europe, the Ljubljana ranked among the five most attractive places to live in Europe.

Recently, Ljubljana received a prestigious award Green Capital City of Europe for 2016. The award is issued from 2010 by the European Commission. This award each year receives a city that achieves high environmental standards and is committed to ambitious goals for further environmental improvement and sustainable development.

Neighbourhood – macro location in Ljubljana

Demo high rise building Eco Silver House is located in the city centre of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, at Dunajska road, near the northern line of the town's ring road.

It is situated in the heart of business, commercial and recreational area. At the same time, primary school, music school and two kindergartens are within a radius of 100m from the building and no crossing main roads is needed to get there. 

Concept and design of the facility are adapted to the founding of the City Avenue, as it is stated in urban town plans and is already implemented in the context of the future development of the city of Ljubljana. Therefore, the ground floor and mezzanine are at Dunajska road, with entrances from the arcade shaped public passageway. The surplus in terms of design and material selection is also reflected in the building envelope at Dunajska road.

Public facilities and services

Proximity of the World Trade Center and the relatively high population density in the area assure a high level of public facilities and services. See ESH location and nearby facilities in Google maps

 ESH-location-Google Maps

300 m:

  • Kindergarten
  • School
  • Shopping Centre
  • Stadium (basketball, football, concert…)
  • WTC
  • Highway (connection to city ring)
  • Public transport
  • POT – recreation area

1500 m:

  • Recreation areas near Sava river
  • Hippodrome Stožice

3500 m:

  • City centre
  • Ljubljana castle
  • BTC City shopping mall
  • Green suburban area


Exterior / Courtyard

In front of the building there is a public spacious front yard setback, wich is divided into a patio with trees, benches and bicycle holders  and two stories tall arcade shaped public passageway adjacent to the business premises. On the inner side there is a quiet park. The backyard is protected by the mass of the building which reduces the impacts (noise, pollution) from the road.

Enhancement of biodiversity

The amount and type of vegetation retained or introduced into the development is a critical part of the preservation, restoration and maintenance of site ecology. A green roof of the building, terraces in terace apartments with different plants and the backyard with a park with bushes and trees will at least double the green area of the building compare to initial situation. Green roof is raised vertically by a busy road so the birds have a refuge from the noise from the street.