Virtual building is an interactive model of the Eco Silver House. It enables stakeholders in sustainable building to visit the Eko Silver House demonstration building via INTERNET, for free, with no costs. It is also a systematic and an easy to browse and understand way of presenting sustainable building`s design, construction and operation.General infomation on ESH building can be found here (bottom of this pag).

Extensive information from design, construction and operation stage of the Eco Silver House, for different sustainable systems, processes, outcomes, knowledge and practices gathered within the EE-HIGHRISE FP7 project and construction of the Eco Silver House will be uploaded to EE-HIGHRISE knowledge base and presented within the Virtual building.




Information will be grouped on the following way (see the sub-groups bellow):

  • General information
  • Location
  • Functionality, healthy indoor environment and comfort
  • Energy efficiency and environmental quality
  • Building economics
  • Design & Construction
  • Sustainable building systems
  • Operation and maintenance

The virtual model will include among other: design information, progress of the works, training of installers, quality assurance processes, presentation of systems implemented and their functionality, information related with potential replication and exploitation, presentations and web based training courses, and other information according to expectations of the occupants and other interested stakeholders. Pilot lab, pilot apartment and mock-up of some systems will be presented, too. When the first apartment will be occupied, the current measurements and data analyses in real time will be shown such as energy savings, saving of drinking water, CO2 reduction and other. Remote visiting the already occupied EKO SH will be possible. Additional groups and types of information will be added to the virtual model if needed.

Detail outline of the Virtual model

General information


  • In the heart of EUROPE
  • Neighbourhood – macro location in Ljubljana
  • Exterior / courtyard

Functionality, healthy indoor environment and comfort

  • Functionality
  • Facilities and services
  • Living comfort
  • Air quality
  • Room temperature
  • Moisture
  • Insects, particulates
  • Noise
  • Control of use and operation
  • Cleaning and maintenance

Energy efficiency and environmental quality

  • Energy efficiency
  • Other environmental performances

Building economics

  • Investment appraisal
  • Value stability
  • Life cycle costs
  • Cost of using the building

Design & Construction

  • Design for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
    • Design Team
    • FP7 Energy Efficiency demonstration building planning and application for funding
    • Design Process
  • Construction works
    • Contractors` competences
    • Construction site
    • Quality assurance and surveillance of the works
    • Design – mock up
    • Pilot lab
    • Pilot apartment
  • Progress of the works - life view
  • Commissioning and handover

Sustainable building systems

  • Heating and hot water heating
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Shading
  • Electrical energy
  • PV system on the roof
  • Lighting
  • Building intelligent control centre and services
  • Building envelope
  • Windows
  • Air permeability and moisture management
  • Water and waste water management
  • Waste management
  • Green roof
  • Rain water harvesting / collecting
  • Building equipment
  • Materials and solutions
  • Charging points for electric vehicles
  • Alarm / technical security

Operation and maintenance

  • Enegy performance certificate

General information on Eco Silver House

Demo high rise building Eco Silver House is located in the city centre of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, at Dunajska road, near the northern line of the town's ring road.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Square meter of land: 3.717 m2

Walled up area: 1.568 m2

Net / gross floor area of the entire building: 23.455,89 m2 /26.795,99 m2

Net / gross floor area: 9.976,00 m2 / 12.992,11 m2

Net / gross heated area: 12.268 m2 / 14.260,00 m2

Total number of floors: 17

Parking basements: 4

Ground floor with gates and business premises: 1

Mezzanine with storerooms: 1

Residential floors: 9+2

Floors with duplex apartments: 2

Number of residential units: 128

Number of parking spaces in the basement garage: 279

The net total area covers the surface of 23.455 m2 of which approx. 12.870 m2 belongs to net heated residential area (demonstration part of the building). The residential area includes 128 passive flats and solely the residential area is the proposed demonstration area. The research component of the project EE-HIGHRISE aims to validate the concept, system and technologies used through monitoring activities during implementation phase and post occupancy phase.

The innovative design of the entire building is reflected in a combination of materials, embedded systems and devices as well as their control system (steering), which provides a high degree of comfortable living together with a rational use of energy. Modern apartment floor plans are the result of an analysis of customers` needs and high demands as well as current ecological trends.

A systematic approach in the development of demo Eco Silver House was used. All elements and systems of the building that could contribute to a better energy efficiency and sustainability through integrated design and planning are envisaged, including heat recovery technologies and very efficient water/waste management, enhanced systems for energy behaviour monitoring and demand response and load control systems.

The EE-HIGHRISE basic principles of sustainable high building are reflected through integrally planned saving project of energy efficiency, also with renewable energy sources:   

  • excellent thermal isolation and sound isolation of walls (lowering the level of external noise form 67 dB to 24 dB),
  • high quality ventilation system by recuperator, which enables the restoration of the waste heat (85% heat recovery represents an essential saving, that is more than 50% lower costs of heating); simultaneously it enables the high living comfort and permanent air quality in all places,
  • sun protection including exterior shutters, which prevents overheating of the building in summer time,
  • extremely rational air-conditioning with time defined operations,
  • intelligent steering and handling of electrical and mechanical appliances, machines and tools, which enables simple and easy managing and handling, coordinated and automatic functioning of integrated machines and tools – all appliances with standard 220V),
  • concept of mutually independent living units (flats),
  • ecological materials (plaster), which enables healthy environment and high living comfort,
  • use of rain water for toilette flushing and saving of drinking water – 60m3,
  • sun electric power plant on the roof of the building (photovoltaic cells) – 33kW,
  • green roof – 750m2,
  • remote heating system as the most economical energy source,
  • efficient simultaneous preparation of the sanitary water with heath exchanger, without permanent heath losses of hot water,
  • materials with low integrated processing energy.

For synchronization and optimization of all possibilities, the steering system (Intelligent Control Centre) – smart house – will be installed. All machines, tools and other devices, which provide proper living conditions in every flat are regulated and managed through easy-to-handle graphic interface. It enables:

  • air-conditioning and cooling,  
  • heating,
  • handling of shutters,
  • entrance control and video home-phone (in compliance with  data protection),
  • biometric door unlocking (in compliance with  data protection),
  • alarm,  
  • internet,
  • weather station

The result of all above mentioned is achieving during the project phase:

  • a passive standard (PHPP07) with the use of energy for heating 10kWh/m2 a year (the limit for passive standard is less then 15kWh/m2a) and
  • Energy class A (energy identity card) with annual need for energy 2.4kWh/m2a.

The most relevant innovative element of EE-HIGHRISE is the integration of building envelope solution, HVAC system,  intelligent control center (ICC) and RES resulting in passive standard for a high rise building of 11 storeys with 128 apartments while still being cost effective.

Cooperation of users is very important in order to achieve the optimalization of energy efficiency of a building with 128 flats. Motivation, knowledge, cooperation, networking of occupants, their control of housing environment, and participation in management of building will therefore also be studied.