To exeperience real or close to real live view on the ESH building read the following:

3D BIM Model of ESH

To exeperience close to real live view on the ESH building, a 3D virtual model of the building was made, using Graphisoft BIMx. It presents three dimensional building models in an interactive way similar to First-person shooter video games. Clients, consultants and builders can virtually walk through and make measurements in the 3D model without the need of installing ArchiCAD. The Real-time cutaway function can help to discover the construction details of the displayed building model. 2D construction documentation can be accessed directly from the BIMx Hyper-model's 3D model views providing more detailed information about the building.

For viewing you need to install free BIMx viewer application, which can be downloaded from the Graphisoft web page. It is available in different languages and for different OS. Here you can download the BIMx 3D model. (85Mb)

Samples from 3D bim model:

ESH BIM demopic1

Picture 1 View from the top

ESH BIM demopic2

Picture 2 A view from Dunajska street

ESH BIM demopic3

Picture 3 Ground floor from Dunajska street

ESH BIM demopic4

Picture 4 We can enter the building an take a view from inside

Overview of the finished building

These are the latest pictures of the finished ESH building.  

On the road again
This slideshow uses a JQuery script adapted from Pixedelic
This is a bridge
This bridge is very long

Live measuments and monitoring

Solar power plant

A PV solar power plant has been implemented at the roof of the ESH building. See the technical characteristics of PS solar power plain and real time measurement of PV power plant on a special web platform run by CybroTech and Robotina.

ESH PV powe plant on roof

Weather station on the ESH roof

A weather station has been set-up the roof of the ESH building. Real time measurements are used to control the Building management system. The Real time measurements - weather station can be seen on-line and are presented at ICC displays in appartments.

weather station w

Weather station on mockup building

A weather station has been set-up the mock up of the ESH building which was used to test the building systems.  See the real time measurements at MOCKUP.

Rainwater tanks water level

Rainwater tanks are located at the top of each stairways. Capacity of each tank is 20.000 l, the water amount is being monitored with hidrostatic sensors Dat-Con CN. If the water level is over 200 cm then the tank is 100% full and the level below 10 cm indicates that the tank is empty. See the Real time rain water tanks measurements on special web application managed by Robotina.

rainwatertank ESH