ENERGY EFFICIENT DEMO MULTIRESIDENTIAL HIGH RISE BUILDING (EE-HIGHRISE) is a research and demonstration project supported by the European Commission within the 7. Framework Programme (FP7-2011-NMP-ENV-ENERGY-ICT-EEB). The overall objective of the project is to demonstrate and validate new technologies, concepts and systems for sustainable, low-energy building in order to test and assess the technological and economical feasibility of innovative energy solutions in high rise multi residential building Eco Silver House.
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Why can this site can be interesting for me?

For different types of stakeholders – clients and users, private and public investors, architects, builders, authorities, associations – interested in energy efficient and sustainable building, the construction of residential building is the most appropriate demonstration tool for introducing new technologies, for presenting the design, construction and operation process, and for validation and assessment of the building sustainability.
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What is the aim of virtual building?

24 hours a day, any stakeholder being a buyer of an apartment, investor, public official, construction professional or just citizen from EU or beyond can visit EE-HIGHRISE virtual building on the web and browse for different information about the sustainable technologies designed and implemented, check the real progress of works, review the validation, assessment and monitoring data, for example about the energy savings. For free, with no costs.
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What is Eco Silver House?

The Eco Silver House is a multi residential high rise building located in the city centre of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, at Dunajska road, near the northern line of the town's ring road. The net total area covers the surface of 23.455m2 of which approx. 12.870m2 belongs to net heated residential area (demonstration part of the building). The project foresees 17 floors, with 4 basement floors, where parking facilities will be provided. Beside the ground floor and mezzanine there are additional nine (9) floors and two (2) terrace floors (penthouse duplex flats). The first home owners will be able to move in summer 2014.
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